In 2017, CCNY launched an employee wellness initiative called Paid Paid Vacation (PPV).  Every quarter, full-time staff here are entered into a draw for a chance to win $300 to be used towards something fun (as in, not bills) during a two-day vacation.  Those days are in addition to their usual paid time off.  This quarter, our Senior Data Analyst and resident Excel wizard, Vikram, won.

Here’s what he had to say about his recent timezone jump:

“I used my Paid Paid Vacation towards a trip to Denver, Colorado with my friends. The vacation started with a snowstorm, giving me a taste of the impending Buffalo winter.

We spent most of our time in the Rocky Mountains, enjoying hikes and wildlife-watching. On our last day, we took a detour to Garden of the Gods, a large sandstone formation that is a part of the excellent natural beauty and unique landscapes of Colorado.

It was my first trip to Denver and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you so much CCNY for providing me this opportunity. I am so grateful.”

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