When wearing the green in South Buffalo, you’ll probably need to get a drink at a good bar. CCNY is here to the rescue with quality data about the best beers at three South Buffalo bars.

Methods (in this case, how not to do an evaluation)

We picked three bars based on them being in South Buffalo and close to our offices – also known as convenience sampling. We chose Blackthorn Restaurant and Pub, Doc Sullivan’s, and Gene McCarthy’s. After an exhaustive google search, we copied an evaluation instrument that reviewed a beer based on appearance, smell, taste, and its overall enjoyment. Although Todd makes a great cased for his methods, we have no idea if this is a good standard. The data visual uses icons for three of the dimensions reviewed. This is good data viz practice.

We picked people based on their availability to do this, not on their ability to rate beer. We trained them while they were rating it. Inter-rater reliability was shot to pieces. To sum up, we had a great time gathering data for pretty pictures, but sadly, we can’t submit this to a research journal. Someday, someday we will get a research grant for this.


Doc Sullivan’s did not have a lager on tap. Gene McCarthy’s lager was consistently better.


Gene McCarthy’s edged out the Doc Sullivan’s red offering. Very close this one.


Of course, we care about the Stouts and kept them for last. Doc Sullivan’s stout was so good. We recommend it.