If you missed our Continuous QI Certificate Program this year, don’t worry, we’ve got another 25 spots open for next spring!

Our program is spread out across four sessions (26 hours total) and will help you learn tools for building an internal quality improvement (QI) process and tracking outcomes to demonstrate your organization’s value to the community and grantmakers.  You will benefit from our instructors’ in-depth experience and personalized attention in a flexible (only once every few weeks) classroom environment.  The course’s emphasis is on real-world application, so you’ll be able to tailor assignments to your organization’s unique needs and use the plan you develop throughout the course in real-time.

Our past students agree: this is a worthy investment for anyone looking to make their internal processes better and their community impact stronger.

(Anonymously collected feedback)

“I learned a lot – gained some good tools to use that have given me confidence to spread quality and collaborate within my organization.  Thank you for your expertise!”


“This class made me feel energized in my position as the director of QM.  I have asked one of my staff to attend next session, and I talked about the course so much, one of our VPs of HR will be attending too.  I can’t wait for class 2!  Thank you!”


“This was probably the most beneficial training I have taken.  I enjoyed the course and the homework the tools provided.  I hope to be able to link with the CCNY team professionally in the future.”


“This training is so relevant to every aspect of an organization.  I’m grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained and hope that a refresher course will be offered.”

Register by 14th March 2019 (Pi Day) and receive a $100 discount!

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