Last Friday, CCNY undertook an important and extremely scientific internal study of ice cream.  We sampled eight flavors from famed local brand Perry’s, including the four limited edition flavors brought back for their 100th anniversary: Butterscotch Sundae, Heavenly Hash, Malt Shoppe, and Parkerhouse.

The vast majority (94.4%) of our survey participants were already familiar with the Perry’s label, which  also turned out to be the most popular, followed by Lake Effect.  Two-thirds of our sample reported buying ice cream throughout the year whilst more than half of our respondents said they preferred sweet treats other than ice cream.  Furthermore, 50% of those surveyed said they ate ice cream at least a few times a month whereas the other half reported only consuming it a few times a year.

More than half of our participants preferred ice cream served in cones.  Alas, we had only cups available at our sampling.  Half of our dedicated ice cream tasters were indifferent to the merits of whipped cream as a vital accompaniment whereas over a quarter of them disagreed entirely.

Perry’s Ice Cream Flavors ranked from least to most popular (images below sourced from Perry’s Instagram and official website):

Interestingly, despite very few respondents citing chocolate or nuts as preferred ice cream ingredients, Heavenly Hash was by far and away the most popular flavor.  Outside of those sampled, the highest rankers amongst the CCNY family were Vanilla, followed by Earl Grey (London Fog), and Cookie.  Only one participant did not have a favorite ice cream flavor.  Over a quarter of our respondents do not trust people who don’t like ice cream.

Happy National Ice Cream Day and get your Sundae Funday on!