Sometimes quality improvement changes are reactive– in this case, forced upon us by the current pandemic.  Now that we are going on eight weeks of practicing social distancing and working remotely, we can now increase more planned activities designed to help us pro-actively manage and learn from the pandemic.  This is where Improvement teams can lead the way.  Sharing, learning and rapid change – that’s what Quality Improvement is all about!

     Many QI teams use the Driver Diagram tool to assist with developing QI projects and identifying change ideas.  Take a look at the Driver Diagram example below.  In this instance, the QI team identified their aim – improve their outcomes and response to COVID-19-, identified their measure of success, and brainstormed change ideas to reach their aim.  Remember, implementing a sound and intentional QI plan will motivate your team to move forward collectively, be productive meaningfully, and ultimately feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose as they achieve the QI project aims.  Now more than ever, QI teams must pull together to move their organizations forward.

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Source: Life QI.