In the midst of global tumult and uncertainty, CCNY would like to take the time to recognize and thank all of our interns, past and present, for their hard work. In addition to our new data engineer, three of them recently completed their Master’s degrees. Please join us in congratulating them on their accomplishment.

Ki Chung

I graduated with an MPH in Biostatistics and presented “Understanding the Pandemic through Text Mining COVID-19 Corpus”. CCNY was my first “real-life” work experience that was relevant to my field. I am so grateful to have a team that was encouraging and helpful in every way. It helped me to transition to the real world without feeling discouraged and confused. Thank you so much for the past few months together!

Kristen Hibit

I graduated from the UB School of Social Work with a Master of Social Work. My areas of interest are immigrant and refugee rights, anti-human trafficking, environmental justice, social innovation, and political social work and evaluation. I’m interested in using trauma-informed human rights based approaches and social innovation to program and policy work.

I completed a policy analysis project entitled: “Invisible Industry: An Analysis of the Fast Fashion Network and its Environmental and Socioeconomic Impacts”. My work with the Evaluation and Analytics Department at CCNY demonstrated the critical use of evidence based practices and how the evaluation of these practices, combined with quality improvement measures can improve services to families and inform policies.  As practitioners, we must continuously look to evidence based practices and evaluate both our implementation and effectiveness of such interventions to promote social justice and human rights. This opportunity has equipped me with skills in program evaluation -from the implementation of evaluation instruments to data analysis, and to data visualization- while utilizing social work perspectives and values. I look forward to utilizing these skills in policy work and research. 

Sulagna Patra

I pursued my MS degree from RIT in Information Science and Technology with a concentration in Data Analytics. My capstone project was “Predictive Model Analysis To identify Risk Factors To Reduce 30-Day Readmission Of Diabetic Patients In Hospitals.” At CCNY, I apply my R and Tableau skills to analyze FMH data and develop automated reports.

Yihua Yue

I graduated with a Master of Public Health from UB’s Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Health. My integrative project was “The Association Between Ambient Air Pollutants and Blood Pressure Trajectory During Pregnancy: A Birth Cohort Study In Beijing, China”. Working at CCNY was a valuable experience for me as I was able to put what I have learned from the MPH program into practice such as systematic thinking, hypothesis tests, data analysis, and analysis design. In addition, I began to learn how to conduct evidence-based interventions. Learning what evaluation work is supposed to do was eye-opening for me. I also have learned a lot about how colleagues can work efficiently and cooperate as a team, which was very meaningful as this was my first job.