What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love cooking, trying new recipes, and spending time with my family.

What inspires you?

The ability to help others and bring forth positive change.

Why are you in non-profit work?

It provides me an opportunity to give back to my community through my professional expertise.

Who is a hero of yours?

My dad is my hero because he always inspires me to go ahead in life.

What’s something quirky about you?

Sometimes I am very funny and do silly stuff.

What’s in your coffee?

I like a little creamer in my coffee.

I will never be seen without…

My phone.

Why is CCNY’s mission important to you?

CCNY helps people to reach their goals by evaluating and analyzing their data. In the short span I have been here, I have seen how our work is helping and growing with our community.

Tell us about a project with CCNY you are proud of and why.

I am currently working on a Forensic Mental Health (FMH) project. I am proud of myself because there are huge amounts of data that I need to analyze and visualize in order to build and automate reports. Sometimes data is messy and requires special techniques for wrangling meaningful information out of it.