What do you like to do in your spare time?

Playing classical chamber music with friends and strangers alike is one of the most satisfying things that I like to do.

What inspires you?

People who talk the most about ideas and learning rather than past events or other people.

Why are you in non-profit work?

Because non-profit work shouldn’t have to exist! Someone once told me that I do God’s work, and I said, “No, I’m doing the work that all of us should be doing every day, no matter what our focus is. Making sure that people have equitable access to the same opportunities including safety, healthcare, education, wellbeing, and happiness.”

Who is a hero of yours?

I’m in a Clara Schumann phase right now. She’s one of the few women who had the opportunity to break-through in the 19th century as a performing artist at the level she was, and it’s been interesting to read her letters with male colleagues who told her she should stop touring to take more care of her 10 (!) children. She finally responded that she needs to perform to make life worth living, and these colleagues seemed to respect her more after she said that.

What’s something quirky about you?

My ears aren’t pierced.

What’s in your coffee?

On the rare occasion I drink it, it’s black.

I will never be seen without…

A mask on!

Why is CCNY’s mission important to you?

Because it’s shocking that so many decisions are not based in data.

Tell us about a project with CCNY you are proud of and why.

I am proud of CCNY’s work with the Salvation Army of Rochester, including our own collaboration with rprt group, who helped us build them a simple and usable dashboard. The process of gathering information about the services and value they provide to their community was extremely interesting, they’re incredible people who clearly do incredible work, and I am looking forward to seeing where they go from here now that they feel more comfortable measuring and sharing information about the work that they do.

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