What do you like to do in your spare time?

Outdoors, dirtbike, camping, gaming.

What inspires you?

Well-built networks and detailed changelogs.

Why are you in non-profit work?

Positive vibes and impact on the local community.

Who is a hero of yours?

Captain Picard, TV dad of my youth: excellent leadership with knowledge and compassion.

What’s in your coffee?

Dr. Disrepect’s Black on Blackberry GFUEL.

I will never be seen without…

Windows Installer on a USB keyring.

Why is CCNY’s mission important to you?

Our mission benefits the local community, I think we do it in a way that is personal, fast, and not behind a corporate veil.

Tell us about a project with CCNY you are proud of and why. 

SPOA: the Adult Mental Health referral system for care and housing. This app was built when I started but have contributed much to it. It connects agencies and clients to the county government that gets them in the right direction for their needs. 

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