CCNY recently entered the Twilight Zone, or at least Buffalo’s version of it.

Our Vendor Coordinator, Alana, who was recommended by her predecessor, Amanda, for the position turns out to be second cousins once removed with her!

Even more amusingly, they both only found out a couple weeks ago via Facebook.  Alana said, “We spent a good amount of time in shock over this since we have known each other for about five years and just stumbled across this information.  Not even using an ancestry DNA system. So, Amanda refers me for her position, I currently sit at her desk and do the same work that she had, and we come to find out that we are related.  It goes to show just how small a world it is, especially in Buffalo.  Amanda’s parents and grandparents came to attend our Hibschweiler family reunion last weekend with about forty other relatives.  Her parents ended up winning our second annual bocce ball tournament.”

Amanda confirmed: “It was really a shot in the dark, but Alana and I are friends on Facebook and I saw someone post on Alana’s page with the last name Hibschweiler.  And that is not a super common last name… So I was like, ‘well, I think if we go back, maybe we can find a common denominator, so I asked for more info such as her mom’s parents’ names and I gave her my grandparents’ name.  Then I reached out to my mom and asked her if she knew anyone with these names and my mom was actually at her parents’ house and my grandma was like ‘We’re going to Norine’s this weekend!’ and literally the rest is history… I didn’t even know Alana was my cousin when I recommended her to replace me because she is awesome and now knowing we’re related, she’s even more awesome!  I live in Indiana now, but I will be back for the next Hibschweiler family reunion.”

With odds like these, they might want to consider Powerball.