Buffalo Restaurant Week 2018 has officially begun and we’ve pored over countless menus and fine print to find YOU the best deal in the area.  Check out the map below to explore prices, cuisine types, and more!

Click the   icon in the upper-left corner to toggle between map layers.

Please note that the data reflected above is for 84 restaurants captured by 12th April 2018.  As many locations were still uploading their menus in the days leading up to Restaurant Week, we were not able to include all of them.


A few notes on deal rankings:

Negligible = Discount of $5 or less.

Good = Discount between $5 and $10.

Great = Discount between $10 and $20.

Best = Discount greater than $20.

Cuisine Type was pulled directly from Restaurant Week submissions, i.e., categories submitted by the restaurants themselves.

Discounts were calculated based on average prices of equivalent items taken from standard menus and in their absence, based on clarification from restaurants themselves or estimated local market value.

Be advised that many but not all restaurants serve smaller portions than usual during Restaurant Week.  This was factored into calculations to the best of our ability.

Happy searching and bon appétit!