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What exactly makes data complex?

“…the bigger the data, the more effort (cost) needed to query and store it. The more data sources (data tables) the more effort (cost) that is needed to prepare the data for analysis. The data complexity matrix describes data from both of these standpoints.” This white paper gives you a matrix to understand the costs that are impacting your organization’s analytics and reporting. Business Analytics and the Data Complexity Matrix – HealthPayer Intelligence

Are Managed Care contracts effective in Behavioral Health Care?

“This column presents the results of a literature review of P4P in behavioral health care. Fifteen empirical studies evaluating the outcomes of behavioral health services provided in a P4P system were identified. The limited data suggest that P4P can achieve its desired effect. More research is needed on outcomes, performance, and unintended consequences.” We haven’t found a lot of empirical data on pay-for-performance contracts on mental health care and substance abuse treatment. Can We Pay for Performance in Behavioral Health Care? – American Psychiatric Association