Is your program and practice achieving consistent and tangible goals?  Do you find yourself treading water as opposed to focusing on your organization’s primary mission?

As a result of the increasing shift to prove the value of programs to funders and clients alike, establishing an internal quality improvement (QI) process for assessing and improving upon valued outcomes is imperative.  CCNY offers a 26-hour certificate program that provides a framework for understanding QI, tools needed to create and implement a QI plan, and builds skills to assess results and make determinations as to how to improve upon program processes and outcomes.

Our dedicated instructors offer personalized projects and ongoing feedback so you can adapt class material to your organization’s individual needs in real-time.  Our focus is immediate real-world applicability; we assess your current situation and guide you through the entire QI process to give you a truly tailored learning experience.  In fact, past students have found our classes so helpful, we have had numerous repeat enrollments from the same agencies.  Plus, the classes are spread out across four sessions (once a month, starting Friday, 13th April 2018), making it easier to fit into your team’s busy schedules.

Our early bird discount deadline ends in just one week (28th March 2018), so register today to avoid disappointment!  Click here to read the UB School of Social Work brochure for more details.