In 2017, CCNY launched a new Paid Paid Vacation perk in an effort to boost employee wellness.  On a bi-monthly basis, a random name is drawn from a pool of full-time staff.  Once a name is pulled, that person must take two days off with an added bonus of $300 to use during that time. These days are in addition to their normal paid time off. The staff member must use the money towards something fun, that is, not pay off existing bills or any other such drudgery.




Read on to find out what our Grants Manager, Andrea Minor, did for her PPV!







“This couldn’t have come at a better time.  My husband and I planned a trip to Orlando with our girls to honor my mother.  She passed away one year ago and we wanted to take the time to reflect, cherish and honor her.  She was, if you were lucky enough to have known her, one who gave such Big Love you could feel it in everything she did!




We spent the week swimming, exploring, and enjoying our girls without any of the distractions that life has on a daily basis.  Once I realized the place we were staying was only 10 minutes from Disney World, we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to surprise the girls!







We woke the girls bright and early on Wednesday to take them to breakfast- what they didn’t know was that breakfast was at Chef Mickey’s!  The Paid Paid vacation treated us to breakfast with the characters.







I truly appreciated being the lucky recipient of the Paid Paid vacation drawing.  Thank you, CCNY!”