We at CCNY, Inc. are committed to racial equity and social justice.  This is reflected in our core values of information, inclusion, and integrity and applies to both our internal community and the community in which we live, work, and play. 

Through purposeful collaborative, inclusive, and respectful actions, we will strive to better educate ourselves and solicit input from multiple sources, which address inequalities.  We will do this throughout our work and relationships within the community writ large.

Rooted in the tenets of CCNY’s improvement paradigm, we will be undertaking the following actions:
·         We will continue to put intentional effort towards recruiting and retaining people of color as members of our Board of Directors and staff
·         We will assess our internal policies and procedures to ensure our human resources practices are just and equitable and will review action and progress with internal and external assessments
·         We will provide professional development and learning for all staff to ensure our evaluation, analytics and training services are conducted in a manner that is culturally respectful, responsive and supporting racial equity
·         Staff will be encouraged and enabled to participate in community activities such as committees and workgroups, joining Boards of Directors and volunteerism. 
·         Juneteenth will be a paid company holiday for all staff.

Again, we are committed to listening, learning, and taking action to fight racism and inequality in our community, region, and country.  We look forward to joining with staff and community in achieving this end.